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Anarchy! a Red Lotus Fanmix 

Anarchy! a Red Lotus fanmix


An all-punk rock Red Lotus fanmix. Because someone had to it.

(& yes, there is Black Flag on here)

Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the U. K. | Anti-Flag - Underground Network | Black Flag - My War | The Clash - I Fought the Law (& the Law Won) | Bad Religion - I Want to Conquer the World | Sex Pistols - God Save the Queen | Bad Religion - You Are (The Government) | Dead Kennedys - Riot | Danzig - Mother | Dead Kennedys - Bleed for Me | Black Flag - Nothing Left Inside | Social Distortion - Prison Bound


Korra defeating her enemies + her last words to them.


Meanwhile in the After Life…

My little “deadly conga” -sketch escalated to this. And I still haven’t finished the speech for Monday…


Meanwhile in the After Life…

My little “deadly conga” -sketch escalated to this. And I still haven’t finished the speech for Monday…


Fëanor, Nerdanel and Manwë

"his body fell to ash, and was borne away like smoke."
"he cast himself into a gaping chasm filled with fire."

"his body fell to ash, and was borne away like smoke."

"he cast himself into a gaping chasm filled with fire."


60’s style Bass player Ghazan.


60’s style Bass player Ghazan.

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Byzantine history + text posts

reblog if you had a livejournal 















PSH! #diaryland

Still do. Just about.

I still do but had to friends-lock it. But I miss it a lot. :(((


I don’t use it as much now because my friends are all in different fandoms, but if you joined fandom only in the Tumblr/Twitter era YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING.

1. Threaded comments that don’t have to be replied to with a whole separate post

2. Profile pages so you could find out about a person and also check out their followers to see if you know people in common/find other people into what you’re into

3. Communities for fic, and newsletter communities for fandoms that rounded up daily news (actor stuff, pics, videos, etc)

4. Much better signal to noise ratio (not seeing the same thing 15 times or having to install xkit just to make your dash readable and filter out fandoms you aren’t in)

5. Just a way, way more grounded sense of where and who people are, instead of shouting into a crowded room all the time

This is my third go-around with Tumblr and fandom, and it’s only manageable now because I’m following hardly anyone (sorry guys). I really cannot wait until somebody makes something that combines the ease of image-posting on Tumblr with the actual content of LJ, because I feel like this place encourages you to be silent.

Shhh, don’t make an original text post, no one wants to read that, especially if it’s just about your personal life (which you couldn’t lock/filter anyhow). Shhh, don’t add text to that reblog, just hide your comments down in the tags, where people have to scroll to see them. Shhh, all you can contribute is a picture of an actor that’s probably already been posted with six different edits to the tag. Just reblog, baby.

I love fandom and fans and it makes me so sad, too, to see what’s been my culture for going on 20 years now get eroded and lost. I don’t know where fandom will be in another 20 years but I’m guessing the history of my chunk of it (Usenet, mailing lists, personal websites, LJ) won’t get carried on.

This can’t be how it continues, this movement towards a model of vocal producers and silent consumers. That’s not fandom. 


I mean, I loved lists, but I loved that LJ helped balance the dynamic of creator/consumer, where the consumer had a voice (I was largely a creator at that point, and am largely a consumer now, sadly) above and beyond, “Wow, great story!” They’d talk about the show, the fandom, and all that jazz, and the lines were nicely blurred, and some of the voices I respected the most never wrote, or drew, or vidded. 

And thinking back, they may have thought they weren’t creators, but that’s just not true. 

They were creating community, and it was awesome. 

Nope, HAVE, present tense.  I still post pretty much all my ficcery there, then archive on AO3.  The above people are very right, it’s a different experience and, in a number of ways, superior to Tumblr & Twitter, but I do enjoy them all for varied reasons.  Same name on pretty much all the platforms - ‘Random_Nexus

THIS. God yes, this. Especially about the threaded comments and the friendslock option and the centralized communities, and the greater sense of permanence and ease of archiving and finding posts again.

(Just in case anyone asks, NO, the Good Omens Exchange is not moving to Tumblr. Not on my watch.)

I love Tumblr for short, quick, ephemeral instant-gratification stuff. That’s what it excels at. But if that was the ONLY way to do fandom on social media? I wouldn’t be here, because that’s not enough.

I’m going to follow all of you and then come bug the shit out of you because I CANNOT MAKE PERSONAL TEXT POSTS OR PUT RPF ON THIS FUCKING PLATFORM

I miss LJ so much - ‘likes’ and ‘reblogs’ (and ‘kudos’ over on AO3) have really slashed the feedback on fandom works to a bare minimum, and that’s depressing. Tumblr is a good thing in that it expanded the number of people considered creators - in LJ-land, it was really traditional fanart or fanfic for the most part - but I miss interacting with my readers, interacting with the FANDOM as a whole. 

Here, more often than not it feels like I’m shouting into the void. 

Yes to all of this. Also, I think it’s a struggle to get anyone to pay attention to you on tumblr if you can’t make pretty graphics. Tumblr is all about instant gratification, and if you can’t do gifsets and stuff you do not matter (not to say anything against the people who can do pretty things, just a general shift from fanfic to edits that I’ve noticed. And even with graphics you don’t seem to get a lot of feedback),

I miss LJ.  Every time someone posts a “things that tumblr could do to improve” post, it’s basically a summary of LJ.  Wish fandom would move back there.  

LJ is also great for kinkmemes (don’t even ask me how they would work over here)!