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girlyamericanist replied to your post “Oh and I just saw your post on Naamah’s Kiss and I have to point out that by preventing the invention of gunpowder and by extension industrial warfare Moirin effectively delays the industrial revolution at least for while and I just thought that was the coolest thing ever. Okay I’ll get out of your askbox now…”

Have you read Guns, Germs, & Steel? The Naamah books are basically Carey’s response to that. I’d probably fanwank the colonization of the Americas out of existence if I could, too…

I haven’t, though I’ve actually got a copy of it & it’s on my to-read list.

I’d do the exact same thing if I were her, considering the colonization of the Americas is one of the things I’d prevent if I could stop any historical event from happening. It made me feel very happy inside knowing that it wasn’t going to happen in the Kushielverse. However, I do have to confess that part of me wants to see D’Angelines exploring Canada. My French-Canadian side can’t help it ;)



I just love the idea of Nicola making Phedre wear the Companions star and disciplining her every time she fucks up addressing Ysandre.

I swear to god this series is going to make me start writing fanfiction.

I could get behind this pairing.

I could definitely get behind this pairing ;)

Oh and I just saw your post on Naamah's Kiss and I have to point out that by preventing the invention of gunpowder and by extension industrial warfare Moirin effectively delays the industrial revolution at least for while and I just thought that was the coolest thing ever. Okay I'll get out of your askbox now...

Oooh that’s interesting! I’ve actually been trying to imagine what a modern!Kushielverse would be like recently, but I suppose the Industrial Revolution would happen later than IRL just like the discovery of the Americas did.

Btw, is your username a reference to Harriet the Spy by any chance?

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About Moirin being pulled to and fro by her diadh-anam. You could kind of argue the same thing for Phedre being tugged around by the Elua his Companions. In Kushiel's Avatar remember the scene where Phedre is considering not going after Imriel because she is told that Darsanga is too dangerous and suddenly the presence of the Companions overwhelms her and just as suddenly it leaves her, feeling empty? Her Gods literally threatened to leave her and take away their blessings if she didn't obey.

True, but it just seemed more idk blatant? & it was a lot more often too.

Thoughts on Naamah’s Curse 

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April 21st, 2767 AUC



girlyamericanist replied to your post “Finished Naamah’s Blessing today”

Bathasar is the best. He’s one of my faves, fo’ shore

I had high hopes for him going in since I’d seen people in the fandom mention him a lot & he did not disappoint. I really got this sense w/ him that he understood all of what it meant to be Kushiel’s scion, something I never got w/ any of the other Shahrizai save Imriel. It’s not just Orgy Time in Valerian House, you know ;)

Balthasar made that trilogy bearable for me. I think I’ve only read Naamah’s Blessing twice, a shockingly low number compared to the first two trilogies. Tangent though: I don’t think the other nobles get harped on about “what it means to be ____’s scion” the way House Shahrizai does. Just because the Shahrizai embrace a wider spectrum of pleasures more fully than other Houses (as a general rule) doesn’t mean they’re less cognizant of their heritage — if anything, I’d argue that they’re more. But when do we see any other House expected to be, like, living up to the spiritual/metaphysical inheritance of their angelic ancestor? No one criticizes, say, House Somerville for not being properly nurturing and protective (traits I imagine would be associated with Anael, with his predilection for growing things). They just take care of their estates and grow their apples and gamble and sometimes commit high treason like most other noble Houses, and no one thinks that’s shallow or neglectful of their heritage or what-have-you.

I definitely get what you’re saying, & I think I didn’t really explain what I was getting at very well in my previous post. It just seemed to me that we really got more of the compassion/mercy part of Kushiel’s heritage as well as the punishment/cruelty part w/ Balthasar than w/ the others (except Imriel). I suppose it sounded like I was bashing the other Shahrizai in general, which wasn’t my intention!

Yeah, I did enjoy the Moirin books, but they definitely rank behind the original series for me. The lack of TdA made me sad & I found it kinda hard to get attached to characters when the constant traveling means they’re not gonna be sticking around for long. That being said, I’m glad I made the choice to read them after 4 years of reluctance. Part of me was just really happy to be visiting this world again!


Confession #767


Confession #767

girlyamericanist replied to your post “girlyamericanist replied to your post “Finished Naamah’s Blessing…”

I think all the Shahrizai (Melisande included) know what it means to be Kushiel’s Scion. But Balthasar’s experience in Terra Nova (like Imriel’s in Darsanga) forces him to be more than just a decadent noble

I was thinking particularly of the compassion/mercy part, like it seemed to me that we got more of the whole punishment-cruelty/compassion/mercy spectrum w/ him than w/ the others, if that makes any sense. I probably should’ve explained that better.