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Fic: Korra & the Wolfbats, Chapter 16 

Title: Korra & the Wolfbats
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Characters: Tahno, Korra, Ming, Mako, Bolin, Asami, Ensemble
Pairings: Tahno/fangirls, Ming/fangirls, Tahorra, Bosami, Tahno’s Love Triad
Word Count: 4,352
Rating: NC-17
Summary: AU. What if Korra had met the Wolfbats that night at the arena? Complete!
Disclaimer: I do not own Legend of Korra. This is only for fun & no profit is being made from it.

Previous Chapters:

1. A Chance Encounter

2. Of Teams & Restaurants

3. Missing Earthbenders

4. Makeovers & Manipulation

5. The Competition Begins

6. Choices

7. And the Winner Is…

8. The Aftermath

9. New Weapons

10. Team Avatar

11. Justice & Injustice

12. The Search

13. Attack

14. Hiding & Planning

15. Showdown

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like tbh i feel like my problem with the “dark and gritty!!” trend in modern stories is this

there’s this idea in our culture that cynicism is realistic? that only children believe in happy endings, that people are ultimately selfish and greedy and seeing with clear eyes means seeing the world as an awful place

that idealism is— easy, i guess. butterflies and sunshine and love are easy things to have in your head.

but i’ve known since i was fifteen that idealism— faith in humanity— optimism— is the most difficult thing in the entire world.

i constantly struggle to have faith in humanity, because it’s really, really easy to lose it. it’s easy to look at the news and go “what were you expecting? of course humans behave this way.” it’s easy to see the world and go “ugh, there’s no hope there.” and the years when i believed that were easy. miserable— but easy.

it is hard work to see the good in people. it is hard work to hope. it is hard work to keep faith and love and joy and appreciation for beauty in my daily life.

and when moviemakers and tv producers and writers go “omg!!! all characters are selfish and act poorly and don’t love each other, nothing ever happens that is happy or good, that’s so much more realistic, that’s so much more adult”

no, it’s not

it’s childish.

it’s the most childish thing i can imagine.

The fandom response to this “we care about all the characters… except Tahno” comment is getting on my last fucking nerve. On the 1 hand we have people going, “LOLOLOL who cares about Tahno anyway??” with the implication that those of us who do care about him are idiots for still feeling that way. On the other hand we have Tahno fans going on about how Bryke have personally insulted them & they’re so victimized as Tahno fans.


I’m done. I’m gonna post the last chap of Korra & the Wolfbats tonight & then I think it’s time to stay away from tumblr for a few days.

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Sandro Botticelli, Mars and Venus, 1483


Texts from the House of Finwë (art credit)


Texts from the House of Finwë (art credit)


Maedhros and the twins

I have finished writing the last chapter of Korra & the Wolfbats. It just needs to be typed & edited.


I have to say… these are my favorite screenshots from the show.


only two snapchats this time, kids. Korra gettin’ kidnapped and saved. I’m going to Norway tomorrow for two weeks so i probably won’t be posting for a bit! 

Team Avatar:  Pajama Edition