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Legend of Korra characters in Asoiaf houses, set 1: The Krew + Tahno (shut up I can dream, ok?)

Korra- Baratheon: I was torn between Baratheon & Martell for her, but shewaseliaofdorne convinced me that Baratheon was a better fit. Hers is the Fury, indeed.

Mako- Martell: He was a tough one to sort. I considered Tully because Family, Duty, Honor fits his protective nature & Stark because of how cold & reserved he can be toward people he doesn’t know well, but shewaseliaofdorne sold me on Martell for him. When you get right down to it, “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” is Mako in essence.

Bolin- Tully: There’s something about his openess & honesty that screams Tully to me. Ok that could fit Stark too, but Bolin’s too warm & friendly to be a Stark. I could see Tyrell!Bolin too, but I don’t think he’s got enough guile in him to be a Tyrell. Tully just fits better.

Asami- Tyrell: This was an easy one. Asami would fit quite well with them, with her sweetness & the whole “silk hiding steel” thing. Some roses have steel thorns, indeed.

Tahno- Targaryen: This one may seem a little out there, but allow me to explain. I’ve seen Greyjoy suggested for him due to his similarities with Theon, but beyond that I don’t think he fits in Greyjoy at all. Tyrell!Tahno I could see, & he does have that rose motif, but I think Targaryen just fits him better. There’s the huge ego, over the top everything, & desire to stand out & be remembered. Something about his fall from grace is kind of Targ-esque too.

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    I hadn’t considered Sansa!Bolin before, but it does make sense. Hm. I suppose ‘Family. Duty, Honor” could be applicable...
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    You have no idea how Martell!Mako pleases me. Actually, I would argue for Tyrell!Tahno OR Martell!Tyrell? I I feel he...
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